How to Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose?

Having a garden is great. It is a hobby you can do all year long. However, maintaining it, from pulling out unwanted weeds to maintaining your grass green.  However, learning the proper ways, having the proper tools, or being scrappy may transform this work into something you can enjoy doing.

During the summertime, your garden needs the most tending, and watering your grass daily may take up to hours, depending on the size of your garden. Most of us can’t be expected to do this every day, which is why garden irrigations and sprinklers were made, to ease this work.

However, irrigation systems are very expensive. Sprinklers are the best choice, and if you don’t own one at home, you can just run to your nearest hardware store and buy one. Nevertheless, you can make one yourself, which will save you money. A DIY sprinkler system is easy to make and costs less.

Can You Use a Garden Hose for Sprinkler System?

Can You Use a Garden Hose for Sprinkler System?

Yes, you can use a garden hose for a sprinkler system. An industrial garden hose is a better option since it’s thick and very durable to withstand constant pressure when your garden sprinklers are turned on daily.

What Size of a Garden Hose Should I Use for Sprinkler System?

What Size of a Garden Hose Should You Use for Sprinkler System?

The size and length of your garden hose depend upon the size of your garden, you may want a long garden hose that will surely be a right fit when setting up and connecting the sprinkler nozzle with your faucet.

How to Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose? | (Homemade, Cheap & Simple) DIY Easy Steps

How to Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose?

Cheap & Simple steps in setting up your DIY Sprinkler System for lawn or garden:

Step 1:

Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose

Gather all the necessary tools you will need for creating your own sprinkler system.

  • First, you will need an industrial garden hose, its length may be based on the size of your garden. 
  • The second is a digital watering timer. This will help you schedule a daily watering routine without the need of turning your faucet on and off manually.
  • The third is an impact sprinkler nozzle or head. This is an irrigation sprinkler head that rotates in a circular motion as the water pressure pivots it. 

You may also need some hose repair items and menders when connecting your hose to your water timer and sprinkler.

Step 2:

Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose

Decide where to place your impact sprinkler. You must choose a location that would be an ideal part of your garden where your sprinkler will be placed in a way that the water will reach the very edges of your garden.

Remember, you don’t have to dig up trenches for your garden hose when you want to hide or cover it up, you can just buy a garden hose in green color to camouflage it on your garden bed.

Step 3:

Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose

After deciding where you will place your impact sprinkler, the next step is the fun part. You will have to connect your garden hose to your digital watering timer. You may need to have some hose repair kit or menders in case the digital watering timer does not have any attached to it, but no worries, almost all digital watering timer is complete in a set.

After attaching the end of your garden hose with your digital watering timer, it's time to attach the other end of the garden hose to your impact sprinkler. Make sure that you tighten the connectors into place before testing it out.

Step 4:

Make a Sprinkler System with Garden Hose

The last step is for you to set up your digital timer and your watering schedule. And voila! Your setup is ready to go.

Below is a video tutorial that you might find helpful in setting up your own sprinkler system.

Tips of Making a Homemade Sprinkler System:

  • Make sure the location of your sprinkler is the best spot and has the best coverage, this is to be sure that your entire garden is soaked.
  • Always check on your equipment, do a little maintenance every once in a while to make sure that everything is working properly.
  • Based your watering schedule on seasons. The summer season is the most you probably have to water your plants and adjust your time specifically to your garden needs.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have already set up your DIY sprinkler system, maintaining it and repairing it is something you may do once in a while. The parts you used may deteriorate in time, but you can always replace them, then costs won’t be an issue since this DIY is budget-friendly. 

During the winter season, you may want to disassemble your sprinkler system and not leave them outside since it will freeze and it will be hard for you to thaw them and it may also affect the performance of your equipment. So there you have it, a DIY sprinkler system using a garden hose, you can always customize your own sprinkler system based on your garden needs.

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