About Us and Why Build PICKHOSE

PICKHOSE understands that knowing where your hard-earned money goes matters. That is why PICKHOSE is the place to visit if you are looking into buying the perfect hose for your home or garden. We offer reviews that help you gain more savings. We also aim to shine a light on products that provide the best value for your money. Whether you’re an expert or a novice when it comes to hoses, our reviews are here to guide you.

At PICKHOSE, you can expect product reviews that are honest and straightforward. We don’t want to deceive any of our readers and trick you into procuring items that are overrated or unreasonably priced. We want you, as a consumer, to achieve a feeling of ease and security with your every purchase. No one deserves to be a victim of brands that sell overpriced low-quality goods.

In addition, PICKHOSE aims to bring forth a space that consumers can turn to for every hose necessity. We exist to inform you of the purpose of every product and let you know which tools fit every situation. Our goal is to persuade you into purchasing the right hose through our informative buying guides.

We Are Independent

Not only do we tell you which hose does the job. We also expose labels that overcharge their customers. Our viewpoints are factual and not influenced by any brand. You can trust that no enterprise is behind each product review. All articles and resources are unbiased, giving you the details that you need for each item. Without a doubt, PICKHOSE is a hose review website you can trust.  

We Are Different

Lastly, PICKHOSE is not your typical hose reviewer. What sets us apart is that our commentaries are based on user submissions. This means that each discussion on our website is built from real-life assessments. The golden rule to creating our product reviews is to see how each hose performs when put to the test. No technical know-how can beat that.

We gather insights from people who have tested the products themselves. User-submitted information helps us generate genuine content for you. We can’t think of a better way to connect you to the right brands.

PICKHOSE aspires to be the site to visit for consumers chasing the best hose varieties. Let us be your primary choice for high quality and informative reviews of different home and garden hoses. We eagerly look forward to helping you decide on your next purchase.