Element Soaker Hose Review 2024

Element Soaker Hose Review:
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  • Price

Quick Summary

The Swan Black Element Soaker Hose is one of the best solutions you can get if you’re looking into an alternative to your water sprinkler to save money and time or if you want to have a watering system that’s gentle and targeted to your plant’s needs.

Garden Hose vs. Soaker Hose:

A garden hose can be used as a multi-purpose watering tool while a soaker hose trickles water along its length to directly water the plant’s roots and soil.

When you ask my friends about any advice on garden tools, I bet they’ll refer you to me. I’m obsessed with keeping my yard clean and lush. To keep my plants healthy, I used to have water sprinklers. It saves me a lot of time.

All was good at first but then, the water bill came. It was so high that it made me think of other ways on how I can water my plants with less time, effort, and cost. I checked the internet and that’s when I came across the Element Soaker Hose.

Introduction to Element Soaker Hose (Swan Black SoakerPro System)

Element Soaker Hose

The Element Soaker Hose is placed directly onto the soil or mulch. It has a water restrictor and a porous channel that makes the water trickle slowly into the ground. It claims to protect your delicate plants from high-pressure water that you’ll get with garden hoses and other watering methods. The hose makes for efficient watering and it’s easy to set up. The Swan Black Element SoakerPro Hose is 50 feet long and is made from 65% recycled rubber.  

The Swan Black Element Soaker Hose is one of the best solutions you can get if you’re looking into an alternative to your water sprinkler to save money and time or if you want to have a watering system that’s gentle and targeted to your plant’s needs.


  • Beginner-friendly setup
  • It comes with a water restrictor
  • It’s made from recycled materials that also helps lessen water evaporation
  • Warranty is for 7 years


  • Doesn’t work as expected or may even break when it’s connected to another hose
  • You may need to remove the water restrictor if the water pressure is not strong enough
  • Any type of modification to the hose may break it and make it unusable due to the leakage

Dimensions and Specs:



Swan Black Element SoakerPro Landscaping Soaker Hose


Swan Speakers


‎Swan Products LLC

Length (Feet)

50 ft.

Inside Diameter (inch)

0.375 inch


65% Recycled Rubber


2.49 lbs.

Product Dimension

11 x 11 x 2.5 inches;

Flow Rate (gph)

0.5 - 1 gallon per foot, per hour

Burst Strength (psi)

Lifetime Replacement

Models / SKU



7 years warranty

Features and Benefits:

Element Soaker Hose Features and Benefits

Easy Setup

Even for first-time users, setting up the Element Soaker Hose is one less thing to worry about. Because it’s flexible and lightweight, laying it out in your garden is effortless.

Saves Water

The hose releases water at a rate of half to a full gallon per foot every hour. It delivers the water straight to the soil so it’s great for specific plants that need moisture. It saves water by reducing evaporated water when using other methods.

Patented Water Restrictor

The Swan Black Element Soaker Hose features a water restrictor that enables you to control the water flow according to what your plant and soil needs. This is beneficial for those that have delicate plants or greens in their garden.

The hose has a ⅜ inside diameter and other users may find the flow too weak, depending on their purpose. The water restrictor is removable so that’s a concern that can easily be resolved.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s made up of 65% recycled rubber so if you’re looking for a product that’ll help you with your environment without affecting it negatively, this one’s to be considered.

Meets the Standard for Lead and Phthalate Content

Although the water that comes out from your faucet is safe, it’s also important to have your hose meet the standards for lead and phthalate content. Without it, these harmful chemicals from the product can still leak and mix into the water.

With the Element Soaker Hose, you won’t have to worry about the health of your plants.

Tips for Using the Element Soaker Hose:

Tips for Using the Element Soaker Hose:

Here are some of the tips from the brand on using the Element Soaker Hose:

  1. As much as possible, set the hose up in a straight line and bend it a bit if needed. Place it in the area where you need water the most. Ensure that the water source is at the highest point.
  2. To get your ideal flow, gradually adjust the water pressure until the water drips slowly from the hose.

Customer Reviews of Element Soaker Hose:

Element Soaker Hose Review

Element Soaker Hose Review

Element Soaker Hose Review

Checking the customer reviews about this product, it ranges from 3 – 5 stars out of five. Most of the satisfied customers say that it does a good job for its affordable price and easy installation.

Critical reviews came from customers that had issues with leaking and connecting with a different type of hose. They seem to have issues with high water pressure, causing the hose to break.


Flexon Soaker Hose

  • It’s a 100-foot soaker hose with 20 pcs of connectors
  • Weighs 5 lbs.
  • Flexible and customizable

Compared to the Swan Black Element Soaker Hose, this is a full kit. You can cut up the 100-foot hose into several sizes and connect them to cover complex areas in your garden. If you’re looking for a customizable soaker hose, this one’s a good bet.

Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose

  • Material is made of 65% recycled rubber
  • Trickles half to a full gallon per foot, every hour
  • It has EZ-Connect Fittings
  • Weighs 2 lbs.

Made from the same brand as the Swan Black Element Soaker Hose, it features an 18-piece EZ-Connect system that makes the hose easy to modify. It’s lighter too, compared to the other hoses mentioned.

Apex Soaker Hose

  • Material is made up of Vinyl
  • Can be used below or above ground
  • Consistent soaking even if it’s uphill
  • Weighs 1.59 lbs.

Other than the material and length, the Apex Soaker Hose differs from the other products mentioned by the lack of difficulty soaking the ground when it’s uphill. It’s simple and affordable, which is very good for beginners.

Final Verdict

So if you need to find a garden hose that can save you time, money, and effort, I advise you to try the Swan Black Element Soaker Hose. I can’t reiterate much the importance of efficiency even if it’s for gardening. So check out the Element Soaker Hose by clicking this link.

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