FITT Force Pro Garden Hose Reviews 2024

FITT Force Pro Hose Reviews:
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Quick Summary:

Easy to use, lightweight, and collapses when empty, the hose is ideal for use even in professional applications.

When choosing a garden hose, the cheapest is not always the best choice. A cheap price is usually an indication of poor quality, though it is not always the case. When you buy the cheapest garden hose on the market, you may actually spend more in the long run, especially when the cheap hose starts leaking and shows signs of wear only after a few uses.

It is therefore important to choose a high quality product that offers good performance and a long useful life. One such product is the FITT Force Pro Hose. But before making a buying decision, let’s first discuss a few things such as the product features, specifications, as well as other alternatives you can check out.

FITT Force Pro Garden Water Hose

FITT Force Pro Hose


The FITT Force Pro Hose is billed as the lightest and strongest garden hose that is suitable for professional use. Equipped with innovative technology that combines extreme lightness, durability, and functionality, the hose is guaranteed to maintain high quality performance for many years.

FITT Force Pro Garden Water Hose

The product is made from highly advanced materials that ensures ultra-light weight and convenience of use even under extreme and heavy duty applications.


  • Suitable not only for garden use, but for professional applications as well.
  • Kink and twist-free.
  • Does not have PVC and lead content.
  • Leak-free and abrasion-resistant.
  • Compact and easy to store.


  • Not great when used as an RV hose.


Upon delivery, make sure that the package contains all parts indicated in the label. Likewise, contact the manufacturer immediately if you receive a defective product.

Dimensions and Specifications



FITT Force Pro Water Hose





Length (Feet)

50 feet

Inside Diameter (inch)

5/8 inch


Thermoplastic Rubber


3.2 lbs.

Burst Strength (psi)

450 psi

Flow Rate

30 gph

Models / SKU



Limited Lifetime Warranty

Features and Benefits

FITT Force Pro Hose Features and Benefits

Following are the best features of the FITT Force Pro Hose that make it ideal to use not only in the garden, but for commercial applications as well.

Easy to Attach Couplings

FITT Force Pro Hose Easy to Attach Couplings

The included crush-proof aluminum couplings are very easy to attach to a spigot – even without using tools or gloves. Disconnecting the hose from the spigot is equally easy and effortless.

Puncture and Abrasion-Proof

FITT Force Pro Hose Puncture and Abrasion-Proof

Unlike most other expandable hoses that are enclosed in fabric, the FITT Force Pro is made from durable thermoplastic elastomer, which is a durable but soft rubber-like material.

450 PSI

FITT Force Pro Hose 450 PSI

With a high psi burst rating of 450, the hose easily expands to the standard hose diameter of 5/8”, with pressure comparable to most heavy-duty hoses. The impressive psi rating means the hose can handle extreme water pressure.

Easy to Use

FITT Force Pro Hose Light and Easy to Use

The hose is convenient to use – even in cold weather. You can maneuver it easily in your garden without easily kinking. And when it does kink, just a light tug is necessary to release the kink.

Compact and Easy to Store

FITT Force Pro Hose Compact and Easy to Store

When empty, the hose is flat and compact, and easy to store. It is also easy to coil in a hose reel, and it even comes with a carry strap w/ reinforced handles that allows you to carry it around anywhere.

Tips for Using the FITT Force Pro Hose

Tips for Using the FITT Force Pro Hose

Following are some useful tips and suggestions that will help you enjoy the peak performance of your FITT Force Pro Hose for a long time:

  • Store the FITT Force Pro Hose indoors to avoid exposing it to sunlight for a prolonged period of time.
  • The hose is abrasion resistant and doesn’t easily puncture. However, to be on the safe side, keep it away from sharp objects.
  • After each use, make sure the FITT hose is completely drained of water.
  • While it is designed to endure extreme weather conditions, prolonged exposure can take its toll over time.
  • When storing, it is best to coil the hose in a hose reel.

Customer Reviews of FITT Force Pro Hose

FITT Force Pro Hose Customer Reviews

We found online reviews about FITT Force Pro Hose, and most of them are rave reviews. Many users talk about how durable and easy to use the product is. Some even go as far as saying that it is the best hose they have ever used.

However, there are also some negative reviews that claim the FITT hose is not as tough as it claims, and it kinks easily.


Yamatic Heavy Duty Garden Hose (5/8”, 50 ft.)

Lightweight and extremely flexible, the Yamatic Heavy Duty Garden Hose is designed for home use under all kinds of weather conditions. It is also guaranteed to be leak-free and durable.


  • Tough and doesn’t leak.
  • Light, flexible, and easy to use
  • Boasts of 600psi burst strength.


  • The surface is a little sticky.

Fevone Heavy Duty Garden Hose (5/8”, 75 ft.)

The Fevone garden hose is designed for heavy duty use. It is ideal for use both in the garden and in construction sites. Likewise, it is light and convenient to use.



  • The color fades easily.

Made of PVC and blended rubber, the YOTOO Heavy Duty Hybrid Garden Hose is guaranteed to be flexible, light, and abrasion-resistant. It is also designed to withstand all types of weather.


  • Made of high quality materials.
  • Suitable for heavy duty use.
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant.


  • Twists and kinks a lot, according to some users.

Final Verdict

Quality performance is the primary criterion to use when choosing a garden hose. Ideally, the hose must be light and easy to use. It must also be durable and can resist punctures and abrasions under regular use. The FITT Force Pro Hose meets all the criteria.

You can check out the product on Amazon. You can also check out other hoses featured in this post to help you compare and determine the best hose for your particular needs and preferences.

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