How To Disconnect Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet?

You know how proud you feel when you fix something. Some things can be hard to connect, just as they can be hard to disconnect. For example, in a kitchen, the sprayer hose may malfunction, and water may only pass through either the faucet or the sprayer. Leakages may also occur on the sprayer hose, and this can make replacement inevitable.

In other cases, you may be having plans to replace the sink and want to buy a faucet that does not have a sprayer hose. This is why you need to learn how you can do the disconnection yourself, and save on the cost of hiring a plumber.

This article will take you through the process of disconnecting a sprayer hose from a delta faucet. First, you must understand how a faucet-sprayer system works so that you can find it easy to do the disconnection yourself.

How The Faucet-sprayer System Works

Read on to learn how the whole system works.

Sprayers are usually attached to faucets, and they use gravity and water pressure to work. If you wonder which the working parts are in the whole system, you cannot see them as they are hidden under the body of the hose or your sink.

The hose contains the sprayer’s working end. Water runs through a faucet to get into a hose from beneath. There is a diverter inside the base of the hose, and the diverter sits inside a hose when water is moving through when you turn on the controller.

When you release the sprayer trigger, the water coming in to get to the sprayer doesn’t have anywhere to go, making the collar rise based on the reverse flow from your sprayer.

A sprayer can only work when you open the faucet. When the water changes direction, it allows the pressure to shut the spout.

Now that you know how the whole system works, disconnecting the sprayer will be a walk in the park, but it is essential that you know the types of faucets available.

Main Delta Kitchen Faucet Types With Sprayer Hose

There are three types of delta faucet: two-handled center set kitchen faucet, single handle widespread kitchen faucet, and single handle pull-out kitchen faucet. The first faucet has two handles, while the other two have one handle, but the two differ when it comes to the veggie sprayer.

How To Disconnect A Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet?

Disconnecting the sprayer hose is not difficult as long as you have the right tools and follow the detailed steps outlined below. Plumbers also use these same steps when doing the repairs; therefore, you can do it yourself.

Tools Needed For The Project:

If you do not have these tools at home, you can purchase them at a hardware store near you.

  • Screwdriver
  • New hose
  • Bucket
  • New spray head
  • Adjustable wrench and a basin wrench (if necessary)

Once you have assembled all the tools needed to disconnect the sprayer, you can start working following these steps carefully.

Steps to Follow:


Step 1 - Turn Off The Water Supply To The Valves.

It is impossible to do the work while the water is running because you will soak wet. Therefore, start by cutting the water supply by turning the water valve knobs off.


Step 2 - Drain The Water Residue.

The sprayer hose may have some water residue left inside. Allow the water to drain as it may become a bother when you start loosening the nuts. Once every drop water has drained, place a bucket below to collect the water that may drip while working.


Step 3 - Loosen The Nuts To Detach The Hose.

The sprayer hose is connected to an outlet tube beneath the sink. If the sprayer is secured using a clip, unclip it and store it safely for later use. Place a bucket below so that any water on the sprayer hose can drain after the disconnection. If your sink has a pull-out faucet, you may find a weight on your sprayer hose. All you have to do is place it elsewhere.

Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts on the sprayer hose. Move the wrench counter-clockwise until the nuts become loose, and remove them using your fingers. Detach every nut from the delta faucet. Store the spray safely after removing it.

For a pull-out faucet, you must create a loop with the hose of your sprayer after pulling it to prevent it from going back down the neck of the faucet. If the connection of the sprayer is the quick release one, disconnect the sprayer by pressing the button. If the connection is threaded, loosen the nuts using a basin wrench and disconnect the sprayer.


Step 4 - Disconnect The Sprayer Hose.

To disconnect the hose, pull it out from its deck fitting. Use a screwdriver to loosen the deck fitting nut and detach it from the opposite side.


Step 5 - Put It Back Together.

If the system does not require any repairs, put the hose back together. If there are any damages, you can replace the parts and screw the new deck fitting from below the sink. After tightening the screws, connect the new hose to the deck, fitting the hose into your faucet's stem. Use pipe tape to wrap the threads while doing the reconnection. Then, tighten your hose; and your system will be new again.

To help you understand the steps more clearly, check out this video.

The Final Verdict

As you have seen from the steps outlined above, disconnecting a sprayer hose from the delta faucet is an easy task. If your sprayer is leaking, don’t hesitate to fix it yourself.

We all know how leaks can be annoying. Any person can do this as long as they understand the cause of the problem. Moreover, you won’t spend money to pay for the plumber, and you will learn something new and useful.

So, head on to the hardware store and buy some tools to get you started. Do not let the plumber charge you more. You can fix the faucet yourself. It’s easy, and it’s fun.

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      Disconnecting the sprayer hose is not difficult as long as you have the right tools and follow the detailed steps outlined below. Plumbers also use these same steps when doing the repairs; therefore, you can do it yourself.

      You can also check out the detailed steps above on “How To Disconnect A Sprayer Hose From Delta Faucet


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