Pocket Hose – Silver Bullet Hose Reviews & Prices 2024

Note: Before buying a Silver Bullet Garden Hose, we recommend that you read check out our comprehensive Garden Hose Buying Guide first. The buying guide discusses the crucial steps you need to take before you consider the brand. Hope that the information provided here helps you decide whether or not a Silver Bullet hose is the perfect match for your needs.

Silver Bullet Hose Review
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Silver Bullet hose is a lightweight hose that is easy to handle. It is also very powerful and works well for people with small gardens. It also comes with a comfortable price tag.

Quick Summary:

  • Pocket Hose Silver Bullet comes in 4 different sizes – 25 ft., 50ft., 75 ft. and 100 ft., and is offered at reasonable prices.
  • The Silver Bullet hose offers the benefit of being ultra-lightweight.
  • The shortest hose length is available at Amazon for $18.99; the longest for $49.97.
  • Each of the available versions includes a detachable spray nozzle.

Here are the topics addressed in this Silver Bullet Hose Review and Price Guide:

Introduction to Silver Bullet Hose

Silver Bullet Hose

The perfect hose type for you depends on your intended application. Modern garden hose types include light, medium, and heavy duty. Other types include soaker hose, sprinkler hose, and commercial or contractor hose.

Silver Bullet garden hoses are classified as super lightweight hoses. Using a hose like this allows you to avoid the heavy weight that accompanies the traditional rubber garden hoses.

In addition, a Silver Bullet hose is:


It is an easy to use hose that is also expandable. The hose expands to three times its size when water is turned on, and contracts when water is turned off.

Connectible to Another Hose

The Silver Bullet expandable hose can also connect to an existing hose. If the existing hose has push-in connectors, use a push-in adapter with a threaded female end to connect the two hoses.

Easy to Store

The Silver Bullet Pocket Hose also stores easily in a cabinet. Apart from watering the garden, you can bring it along with you when boating or riding your RV on your way to a camp site.  

Silver Bullet Hose Features Compared to Other Brands

Aside from Silver Bullet, other major brands include GrowGreen, TheFitLife, Flexi Hose, and Craftsman. Here’s a comparison in terms of features.


The expandable design of Silver Bullet allows it to stretch to full length when used, which is an advantage if you have a garden located far from your house.

With an expandable length that can reach up to 100 feet, the Silver Bullet is a better option compared to GrowGreen as the maximum length for the GrowGReen brand is only 50 feet. TheFitLife hose is a better alternative to Silver Bullet as it also has the same expanded length of 100 feet.

Use of Lead-Free Connectors

Silver Bullet Hose

Various brands feature lead-free connectors in their hoses, as it makes their products suitable and safe for drinking for both humans and animals.

Silver Bullet hoses use aluminum connectors, while GrowGarden uses all-brass connectors. Craftsman also uses fitting couplings made of brass.

Being Kinkless Under Pressure

Silver Bullet Hose

Most modern garden hoses come with kink-free flexibility. In Silver Bullet hoses, the outer wrapping provides a seamless case shell, protecting the hose from kink and abrasion. Flexi garden hoses also offer kinkless flexibility.

Outer Shell Durability

The Silver Bullet features a smooth micromesh fabric for its outer casing that protects the hose from wear and tear, and snag. Other brands apply outer layers of latex to protect the inner tubing of their hoses and Flexi Hose is one of those brands.

Being Lightweight

Silver Bullet Hose

The Silver Bullet comes with a dry weight of only 2.7 lbs., and this is for their 100-ft hose. In contrast, the 50-ft hose of Flexi already has a dry weight of 2.5 lbs.

Pros vs. Cons

The Silver Bullet hose is lightweight, which is obviously a big advantage over other brands.


Additional highlights for this hose include:

  • Can be easily moved around.
  • Available in 4 different lengths.
  • Compact design for easy storage.


  • It needs to be stored away from the sun. The outer fabric easily weakens when exposed to sunlight.
  • It may not be used in combination with a sprinkler, as the hose loses spray power when used this way.

Specifications of Silver Bullet Hose



Silver Bullet Hose


Pocket Hose Silver Bullet



PSI Rating





25 ft

50 ft

75 ft

100 ft


1.14 lbs. (25 ft),

1.54 lbs. (5o ft),

2.1 lbs. (75 ft)

2.7 lbs. (100 ft)

Inside Diameter (in)







Flowrate in (gph)

360 gph,

720 gph,

1080 gph,

1440 gph

Burst Strength (psi)

80 psi or 100 psi


Full refund for 30 days only.

Silver Bullet Hose Size Recommendation

Picking the wrong size can mean not getting enough pressure and flow rate to get the job properly done.

Consider these size parameters of Silver Bullet hoses:

Silver Bullet Hose 25 feet

Inside Diameter: ½ inch │Length: 25 ft. │ Material: Rubber, Micromesh Fiber, Aluminum Connectors │ Weight: 1.14 lbs. │Flow Rate: 360 GPH │Burst Strength: 80 psi

This 25-ft hose is the smallest in diameter in the Silver Bullet product line, and is the one with the lowest flow rate. The recommended water pressure for this hose is 80 psi and below.

Silver Bullet Hose 50 feet

Inside Diameter: ¾ inch │ Length: 50 ft. │Material: Rubber, Micromesh Fiber, Aluminum Connectors│ Weight: 1.5 lbs. │ Flow Rate: 720 GPH │ Burst Strength: 80 psi

Also coming with a burst strength of 80 psi, this Silver Bullet 50-ft version has a higher flow rate of 720 GPH and weighs just a bit more compared to the 25-ft variant.

Silver Bullet Hose 75 feet

Inside Diameter: 1 inch │ Length: 75 ft. │ Material: Rubber, Micromesh Fiber, Aluminum Connectors │ Weight: 2.1 lbs. │ Flow Rate: 1080 GPH │ Burst Strength: 100 psi

This one has the highest allowable burst pressure among all the variants in the Silver Bullet line. Consider that the weight is almost twice that of the 25-ft hose.

Silver Bullet Hose 100 feet

Inside Diameter: 1.05 inch │Length: 100 ft. │ Material: Rubber, Micromesh Fiber, Aluminum Connectors │ Weight: 2.7 lbs. │Flow Rate: 1440 GPH │Burst Strength: 80 psi

Having the highest flow rate of 1440 GPH, this variant can easily be the best choice for demanding projects. Take note that the burst strength is also 80 psi.


Typically, you measure the distance from the water source to where you will need the hose to be. For small yards and balconies, 25 feet should be sufficient. For larger yards you may need around 50 feet to reach the farthest points.

For light tasks, you can have one with a diameter of either ½ inch or ¾ inch. Any job that requires huge quantities of water can be easily handled by a hose measuring 5/8 inch or more.

Silver Bullet Hose Prices

Silver Bullet hoses come in 4 different price points with $18.99 as the lowest and $49.97 as the highest.

Silver Bullet Hose Price List

Check this table for other details.




Weight (lbs.)


Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Hose 25 ft


1.14 lbs.

No Warranty, Only Full refund

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Hose 50ft


1.54 lbs.

No Warranty, Only Full refund

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Hose 75ft


2.1 lbs.

No Warranty, Only Full refund

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Hose 100ft


2.7 lbs.

No Warranty, Only Full refund

Note: Note that Silver Bullet does not offer warranty for their products.  The same is true with affiliate sites that offer these products online.

How to Get the Best Silver Bullet Hose Prices

To get the best prices for this hose, spend a bit more time scouring for sellers that offer discounts. Some sellers offer a 20% discount for the Silver Bullet 100-ft unit.

You can also find sellers that do not offer free prime shipping, allowing them to sell Silver Bullet hose at lower prices. We found one seller, and they are offering the same product for only $40.96.

There is much competition online, so you have a good chance to get a unit that fits your budget.

Real Silver Bullet Hose Prices and Reviews from Readers


Hose Size (in.) & length (ft.)

Home Location


Garden Size (sqft)

Silver Bullet Hose 1.05 in., 100 ft.



"I love the lightweight flexibility of this hose. It is much lighter than a regular hose, and that it is very easy to store."

Silver Bullet Hose ¾ in., 50 ft.




"This hose is everything it claims to be,” commented one reader. “The only issue is that the hose fails to hold pressures efficiently like a hard traditional hose."

Silver Bullet Hose 1 in.,  75 ft.




"I love the way that it is easy to move from one faucet to another. It’s just annoying that instructions state that I should leave the hose outside."

Silver Bullet Hose ½ in., 25 ft.




"It is much smaller than my old hose and takes up almost no room. I love its black color because it makes the thing look stylish. I only hope that the color won’t fade."

Note: This table presents actual data from people who have tried using Silver Bullet hoses. The table gets to be updated every 3 – 6 months. Any comments, suggestions or information based on actual experience may be incorporated in the periodic changes that we implement.


The Silver Bullet Hose is one of your best options for a garden hose. It receives high ratings in forums and from actual users.

This guide is meant to enlighten you on the various aspects to consider when making a brand-to-brand comparison.

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