Zero-G Hose Prices and Reviews 2024

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Zero-G Hose Review
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The zero-G garden hose is an outstanding tool for gardening and other heavy applications, with long-term durability. It allows a smooth and safe experience because it is lightweight and its materials are safe.

Introduction to Zero-G Hose

Introduction to Zero-G Hose

Heavy hoses? Leaking connectors? Kinking tubes?

Address all these setbacks with the zero-G garden hose. This garden hose is considered an essential equipment for watering in home gardening, cleaning applications, and other professional needs.

As the name “zero-G” implies, the hose is significantly lighter than any standard hose. The zero-G garden hose is a dependable piece because of its robustness, durability, and ability to withstand heavy water applications.

But how long will zero-G garden hoses last? Or how effective would my watering experience be as far as flexibility, safety, and ergonomics are concerned?

Carry on reading and learn more about hose below.

Zero-G Hose’s Features

Zero-G Garden Hose’s Features

This hose is not your normal garden hose as it is armed with modern equipment to enhance its performance. Its amazing features are as follows:


A small garden may be easy to water but medium to large-scale gardens would probably be burdensome especially when you need to do it daily. The material of the zero-G hose is 50% lighter compared to other regular hoses, effectively reducing physical fatigue by half. With this low weight, you can carry it around your home with ease and less stress.


The zero-G garden hose has a very tough exterior that makes it resistant against abrasions, leaks, and punctures. The common problem we encounter with other regular hoses is that their material is very thin or weak, leading to leaks and eventually, water wastage.

The outer exterior is made from a high-quality jacket that is equivalent to commercial-grade hoses, that can tolerate a very high water pressures (in PSI).

Kink-Free Design

This hose is specifically designed to withstand kinking so you won’t have to make unnecessary pauses and untie the kinked knots. Since the surface is rigid and tough, it won’t easily curl up when you pull, unlike other thinner hoses that easily kinks when stretched.

The hose features a technology called Tru-Flex Inner Core that prevents it from kinking while also allowing it to be stored in small spaces even during cold weather.

600 PSI Rating

If you are using a hose for heavy-duty purposes like washing your cars or pathways, the zero-G hose would still be an excellent tool. It can sustain up to 600 PSI of water pressure without bursting or leaking, a feat that other hoses cannot accomplish.

Non-expandable & Non-retractable

The disadvantage of expandable-retractable hoses is that they are prone to early wear and tear due to the frequent stretching of the material. With the hose’s fixed and solid material, it will prevent stretching and tearing.


Water coming out of the tap is generally safe to drink but the hazard lies in the materials that come in contact with it like the hose and its fittings. The metal fixings of the zero-G hose are lead-free and safe for drinking water.

While it is full of amazing features, below are some of its limitations:

  • A little difficult to wind up.
  • Needs to be completely drained before storage.

Pros vs. Cons

This hose is not your normal garden hose as it is armed with modern equipment that enhances its performance. Nonetheless, it has its share of weaknesses that are worth discussing.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Kink-resistant & puncture-resistant.
  • Water is safe for drinking due to vinyl material.
  • Many length options to choose from.
  • Superb burst rating of over 600 PSI.
  • Robust construction.


  • The sturdy exterior makes it hard to bend, especially during cold weather, making it difficult to wind up.
  • Complete draining before storage.
  • Leaking issues may arise.


The zero-G garden hose is a solidly-built hose with exceptional quality and performance. Nonetheless, you must handle it appropriately, or else its wear and tear will occur much sooner. When using the, take extra caution not to step on its body as it will promote kinking. When put away for storage, drain the hose completely to maneuver or wind the hose without difficulty.

Specifications of Zero-G Hose



zero-G Garden Hose




Teknor Apex

PSI Rating

600+ PSI






Length (feet):

25 ft

50 ft

75 ft

100 ft

Inside Diameter (inch):

5/8 inches

Weight (lbs.):

2.3 lbs. (25 ft),

4 lbs. (5o ft),

6.52 lbs. (75 ft)

10 lbs. (100 ft)

Flow Rate (gph):


Burst Strength (psi):


Puncture Resistance

58 LBF

Tensile Strength

7500 PSI

Coupling Type




Hose Fitting Size

5/8 inches


Gray, Black

Minimum Feed Water Temperature

35 degrees

Maximum Feed Water Temperature

80 degrees


5 years

Zero-G Hose Model & Length Recommendation

The zero-G hose comes in various models and lengths, depending on your application. You may refer below for a list of these models and their suggested uses.

Zero-G 25 Feet Hose

For small gardens, lawns, balconies, and patios, this length would suffice. It will be easier for you to set it aside or store it in a cabinet or reel once you are finished with it.

Zero-G 50 Feet Hose

For yards that have hard-to-reach areas and possibly requires many turns, you may need this length. This length is still manageable and would need a decent reel or storage cabinet.

Zero-G 100 Feet Hose

If your area is very large and the 50-feet length is not enough you will have to use this length to cover all areas that need watering.

Zero-G RV Hose

This hose is ideal for RV and marine vessel applications. There are many things and accessories inside these vehicles and you would not want them to get coiled up or tangled together.

Zero-G Hose Prices





Length (feet) & Diameter (inch)


Zero-G 25’ Garden Hose



25 ft, 5/8 inches


Zero-G 50’ Garden Hose



50 ft, 5/8 inches


Zero-G 75' Garden Hose



75 ft, 5/8 inches


Zero-G 100’ Garden Hose



100 ft, 5/8 inches




75 ft, 3/4 inches


Zero-G RV & Marine Hose



25 ft, 1/2 inches


How to Get the Best Zero-G Garden Hose Prices?

To minimize the cost of purchasing these hoses, you can canvass them online and determine the nearest hardware available. Compare all those prices and make a visit to the store with the least expensive price if accessible. If not easily accessible, determine the corresponding shipping and additional miscellaneous costs if shipped to your location.

Zero-G Garden Hose Reviews

Zero-G Garden Hose Reviews

The zero-G hose is highly endorsed by the majority of its customers, garnering an excellent four-star rating despite its few flaws. This zero-G hose review will show how actual customers based their ratings on the product’s ease of use, quality, performance, and good value for money.

Ease of Use

Users gave high marks in terms of the product’s weight. Since it is remarkably lighter compared to the conventional hose types, they are much easier to handle and put away for storage.

Other customers who use it for non-gardening applications like washing of condensers, evaporators, and even cars are fond of this product because they can endure long hours due to its weight.


The hose’s high-quality material has convinced many users. However, many already experienced leaks in less than a year. The connectors are in great condition, easy to attach and disconnect anytime with minimal leaking problems encountered.

The hose can tolerate harsh weathers. Some customers leave the hose outside, subjected to  direct heat but it did not experience any deterioration. Even during very cold weather, the material does not stiffen like other regular hoses so you can still use it normally.


The hose’s incredible water pressure capacity is particularly praised by many customers. It can accommodate low to high water pressures without expanding and bursting. However, constant use of high pressure will allow the interior material to be ruptured in about a few months to a year.

The customers also commended the hose because of its fewer kinking issues but kinking still occurs if the water pressure is too low and if the hose is frequently stepped on. To minimize this, you have to use the right pressure.

Fair Price

As far as the price goes, it is high compared to most standard types but less expensive than commercial types. Furthermore, when we put the performance in the equation, they generally conclude it as a good deal. Just always remember to handle the product with care and follow the instruction guide on how to operate it.

Zero-G Hose Repair Kit

There is currently no zero-G hose repair kit available and it is not very convenient to repair as the parts are not easily replaceable. To avoid zero-G hose repair issues, ensure that proper usage is being followed.

Zero-G Hose Repair & Warranty

The product is covered with a 5-year warranty which is a good deal considering that this item is used daily. When you encounter any manufacturing defect within zero-G hose warranty period, just follow the standard return procedure and you can opt for a quick refund or replacement.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Zero-G Hoses at your local hardware as they are widely available globally. If your location is quite far from the nearest hardware store, you can consider online shopping at any of the following online stores:

  • Amazon
  • Ace Hardware
  • M. Leonard
  • Blain’s Farm & Fleet
  • Camping World RV Sales
  • Do It Best
  • Orchard Supply Hardware
  • Sam’s Club
  • NTP Stag
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • True Value
  • United Hardware
  • Valu Home Centers
  • Walmart
  • West Marine

Final Thoughts

Overall, the zero-G garden hose is a great buy. Given its wonderful features and based on the zero-G hose reviews above, it easily outsmarts your regular garden hose. It has a tough build, impressive performance, and fantastic quality – all packed in a feather-weight hose. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty hose that can withstand a weight of 900 pounds, won’t easily rupture and deteriorate, and covered with a long-term warranty, this hose will surely be indispensable.

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