Melnor Soaker Hose Review 2024

Melnor Soaker Hose Review:
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Quick Summary:

Compared to a traditional soaker hose, this one is easier to use, especially for beginners.

Using a soaker hose is one efficient way of ensuring your plants are equally and well hydrated. Soaker hoses also conserve water by delivering it directly to the roots while keeping the leaves dry. This also minimizes the chances of fungal growth on your plants.

This Melnor soaker hose review will look into one of the top garden products in the market today.

Introduction of Melnor Soaker Hose

Introduction of Melnor Soaker Hose

If you have a relatively small garden, the Melnor soaker hose is a good option. It works perfectly for raised garden beds as well. It comes in three different lengths, from 25 feet to 50 feet, and 75 feet.

Flatten the hose for easier storage. It’s also lightweight and easy to install, fitting the standard garden hose threads.

Melnor soaker hose offers flexibility and versatility. Simply let it snake around your plants, or you can install it below ground.

It uses durable vinyl material that promises durability. Unlike traditional rubber hoses that last for only a few seasons, Melnor’s last for years, giving you the most of your money.


  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • Threaded connector if you want to add more to its length
  • Durable material and clog-free design
  • Good for relatively smaller gardens


  • It might not be long enough if you have a bigger yard
  • Longer hose becomes a hassle to route around the garden
  • You might need to troubleshoot so the water gets to the farther end

Dimensions and Specs



Melnor Soaker Hose



Length (Feet)

25, 50, 75 feet


Plastic, vinyl


1.74 pounds

Product Dimension

1.18 x 13.38 x 6.69 inches


2-year limited warranty

Features and Benefits

Melnor Soaker Hose Features and Benefits

Melnor soaker hose helps to maintain your garden more conveniently. You don’t need to have years of experience to use this product.

Here are other reasons why this soaker hose might be a great option for you.

  • Flat design – The Melnor soaker hose is built for convenience. Its flat design makes it easy to store. Gone are the days when you have to cram your garden hose into the storage among other tools you have. When not in use, this hose rolls into a compact coil, taking up less space.
  • Length Variety – For a small raised bed or garden, get the 25- or 50-feet hose. For an extended length, the 75 feet hose is long enough to cover the plants in your backyard. Just remember that the longer the soaker hose is, the higher water pressure it will require.
  • Flexibility – Unlike the common rubber hose, this one bends around plants and corners without problems. Easily weave the Melnor soaker hose around the base of your plants where the water is needed the most.
  • 2-year limited warranty – The manufacturer provides a limited warranty, ensuring that the product delivers its promise. This means you can be certain of using Melnor soaker hose for a couple of years or even more.
  • Extendable – A cap seals the thread at the end of the hose. And if you find yourself needing more length for your garden, you can purchase an additional hose and connect it easily with the one you already have. Extendable Melnor Soaker Hose

How to Use the Melnor Soaker Hose Successfully?

How to Use the Melnor Soaker Hose Successfully?

Soaker hoses are designed for specific situations. To make the most of this product, you have to understand the circumstances that contribute to its performance. Check out these useful tips when using the Melnor soaker hose.

1. Make sure the ground is flat without slopes

Like all soaker hoses, the Melnor soaker hose works best on level ground. This way, the water is evenly distributed along the hose’s length. Any slope will prevent the water from getting to the elevated part. So only use it for flat areas.

2. Use elevated water source

Concerning the previous point, the water should flow down and along the hose’s length. Keep the influence of gravity and make it work for you. This will help ensure that the water will reach and seep through towards the end of the hose.

3. Don’t use high water pressure

Normal water pressure should be enough to deliver the water through the soaker hose’s entire length. Even at 75 feet, you don’t need to pump more pressure into the hose. Doing so will only risk breaking the hose.

4. Avoid removing the end cap

The hose has a cap at its other end. You might be tempted to remove it to check if the water is flowing through. Although you’re free to do so, put it back on when in regular use. The idea is to keep the water trapped inside the hose where its only way out is through the walls.

5. Keep the hose filled up

The hose takes a tube-like shape when full. Make sure that no section is flat or distended. Only once the entire hose is filled up will it begin to seep water out.

6. Connect to a timer

Work more around your garden while the soaker hose hydrates your plants. It’s not a must, but having a timer makes maintaining your garden more convenient.

Melnor Soaker Hose Reviews

Melnor Soaker Hose Reviews

When looking for the best products for your garden, it’s best practice to always check what other users got to say. So, I went ahead and checked for reviews, and I’m happy with what I found. I’m sure you’ll also find them useful. Take a look below.

Melnor Soaker Hose Reviews

Melnor Soaker Hose Reviews

Melnor Soaker Hose Reviews

Most of the reviews I found were satisfied with how the Melnor soaker hose evenly disperses water across their garden. They also found it more durable due to the outer fabric sleeve. It also makes the hose clog-resistant and well protected from sharp garden tools.


You might find Melnor a bit pricey for you or is currently unavailable in your area. Here are 3 excellent alternatives for you:

Flexon Soaker Hose

If you need more length for a bigger yard, this soaker hose from Flexon is an excellent alternative. It is 100 feet long and comes with connector pieces for an elaborate setup. But due to its length, this soaker hose is heavier than Melnor.

Bulk Soaker Hose

Customize your layout with this 100-feet long soaker hose. It has no fittings, meaning you can cut it to shorter segments and attach connectors you bought separately. This one has a more traditional tube-like design made from recycled rubber and polyethylene.

Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose

The Gilmour soaker hose is a more affordable alternative. Like Melnor, its flat design makes it easy to store and roll. The vinyl sleeve also adds more protection, giving it durability.


Keeping your plants well hydrated is vital to having a lush garden. You also want to make sure that you’re optimizing the use of water as it is a valuable resource.

Melnor soaker hose delivers the water closer to where it is needed most – the roots. This is also an excellent way of conserving water since little is lost to evaporation.

Traditional hoses are bulky, hard to store and set up. This soaker hose from Melnor flattens when not in use, making it compact and easy to carry. It’s also more durable and clog-free, giving you years of use.

If you’re new to DIY gardening and are willing to try different soaker hoses, I’d suggest you begin with this one.

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