Craftsman Garden Hose Prices and Reviews 2024

Note: Before you jump into the actual brand review, we strongly encourage you to check out our comprehensive Garden Hose Buying Guide first. The buying guide discusses the crucial steps you need to take before you consider the brand.

Craftsman Garden Hose Review
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Craftsman Garden Hose is perfect for light gardening and heavy-duty lawn care and cleaning with its thick, durable material. It’s a flexible garden hose that you can move around even in the farthest and tightest corners of your lawn. The price is slightly more expensive compared to other brands. This sturdy garden hose is worth every cent you spend.

Introduction to Craftsman Hose

Craftsman Garden Hose

Craftsman is known for its sturdy equipment and tools for your home. Their products range from garden and lawn care tools to heavy-duty equipment. Their customers are satisfied with the quality of the products they manufacture. One of the products that customers trust the most from them is their garden hose. Read the features of the Craftsman Garden Hose below:


Craftsman offers 25, 50, 75, and 100-foot long hoses to fit your needs. It is essential to know why you need a garden hose to determine which length is the best for you. If it’s for balcony use, a 25 or 50-foot hose works fine. If you’re using it for your lawn or your big garden, choose a longer hose. However, keep in mind that longer hoses are heavier to drag around and are also quite expensive.

Hose Diameter

The hose diameter is one of the factors you should consider when buying hoses. All Craftsman hoses are 5/8 in diameter, which means they could hold higher water pressure. Hoses with a 5/8-inch diameter carry more water and are perfect not only for gardening but also for car washing and pool cleaning.


Garden hoses are either made of rubber, vinyl, or a combination of both. Vinyl hoses are cheaper and lighter but are also less durable. Whereas hoses made of rubber materials are durable but are also more expensive and heavier to move around. Craftsman hoses are made of rubber, which is why it is heavy-duty and resistant to wearing and tearing even in harsh weather conditions.


The recommended hose for lawn care and car cleaning is a hose that has more than 350 psi. Burst pressure is an indicator of a hose’s strength. The higher pressure it holds, the stronger the hose to withstand high water pressure. The good news is, Craftsman hoses can hold up to 500 psi.

Craftsman’s Garden Hose Features

Aside from the factors mentioned above, you also need to know the essential features you need to look for in a garden hose before buying. The core features determine a product’s value for money. Here are some of Craftsman garden hose features:

Kinkless Under Pressure

The most common factor all customers consider in a garden hose is its ability to kink. A hose that easily kinks is undesirable as it makes it time-consuming and messy for the user to move the item around. Craftsman garden hose does not kink and twist easily no matter how far and often you move around.


Craftsman garden hose is made of premium rubber that can withstand extreme weather conditions, even leaving it under the sun for several hours. It does not easily tear even if you run it over with your car or run it through rocky paths.


Craftsman garden hose can reach even the farthest corner of your lawn or house without worrying about leakage. It’s also easy to move around, making it easier for you to reach the trickiest corners of your place.

Pros vs. Cons

Before you finalize your decision, weighing the pros and cons of a particular product is essential, so you’ll know if it is the right fit for your gardening or cleaning needs. Below are the pros and cons of buying a Craftsman garden hose.


  • It is easy to move around.
  • Comes in 25, 50, 75, and 100-feet length.
  • 5/8-inch hose diameter for stronger hold of water pressure.
  • Flexible.
  • Sturdy and manageable under harsh conditions.


  • Heavier compared to other hoses.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Lower burst strength.


Craftsman garden hoses are easy to drag around your yard despite its weight. It stretches out nicely, making it perfect for cleaning or reaching the farthest corners of your place. This hose brand is quite expensive, but it is worth your money since it lasts for several years. It is less susceptible to abrasion, even if you run it over with a truck. You don’t have to worry about tearing even in your yard’s rocky patches, thanks to its sturdy material. The burst strength is more than what is needed in households, but it has a lower burst strength than its competitors.

Specifications of Craftsman Garden Hoses





Craftsman Garden Hose, 50ft. X 5/8. Inch

15 x 15 x 4.5 inches

11.44 pounds

Craftsman Garden Hose, 75FT. x 5/8. Inch

40 x 13 x 7 inches

15.17 pounds

Craftsman Garden Hose Model and Length Recommendation

Craftsman Garden Hose Length

  • Craftsman Garden Hose 25 feet

This Craftsman garden hose is perfect for balcony cleaning. It’s sturdy and flexible to use. Since it is shorter compared to other sizes, it is lighter to drag around to every corner.

  • Craftsman Garden Hose 50 feet

This length is perfect for cleaning and watering your garden beds. It’s easy to maneuver since it is lighter compared to the longer variations of Craftsman garden hoses. However, this is not safe to use for drinking water directly.

  • Craftsman Garden Hose 75 feet

Most people purchase this garden hose for lawn care and car washing because it can withstand constant pressure. This garden hose is still manageable in any weather condition. Just like all hoses, it kinks but not as unmanageable as compared to others. This garden hose may be longer than the other hoses mentioned, but its flexibility is commendable.

  • Craftsman Garden Hose 100 feet

Buying a 100-feet hose should be deliberately considered since it is more expensive and heavier. What’s your purpose for buying? If your fixture’s farthest distance is less than 75 feet, a 100-feet hose may be too long for you. Longer hoses are more tedious to store and energy-draining to drag. However, if you need a heavy-duty and long hose, this Craftsman garden hose is perfect for you. Keep in mind that Craftsman hoses are quite heavy, and the length of this hose makes this slightly heavier than the shorter Craftsman hoses.

Craftsman Garden Hose Prices




Package Dimensions



Craftsman Premium Rubber Garden Hose, 100ft. x 5/8. Inch

11 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches


How to Get the Best Craftsman Garden Hose Prices?

Craftsman Garden hoses are quite expensive, but it’s possible to buy one at a lower price. One tip is to buy from other sellers instead of directly purchasing them from the Craftsman Store. Most customers buy their Craftsman hoses from Sears because they can save up to $20.

Craftsman Garden Hose Reviews

Craftsman Garden Hose Reviews

The best garden hose is durable, long-lasting, and valuable for your money. Before you make the final decision, you need to consider several factors that make a garden hose worth purchasing. Read the comprehensive review below to know about the setup, price, quality, and performance of the Craftsman garden hose.


This Craftsman Premium Rubber Hose is a breeze to set up. The fitting fits all outdoor faucets perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or compatibility. All you need to do is insert it on the fixture and turn on the water, and you’re good to go. The Craftsman Garden hoses also fit easily on sprinklers and spray nozzles.


The Craftsman Garden Hose is relatively pricier compared to other garden hose brands. Their hoses cost around $30 to $79, a few dollars more than other rubber hoses. However, customers prefer purchasing an expensive garden hose that could last for several years than buying cheap hoses that they would replace every 1-2 years. The quality of the product is worth every cent. However, if you are tight on budget, there are brands available that deliver the same quality as the Craftsman garden hose.


Craftsman garden hoses are made of rubber, which makes it durable and flexible. They come in 25, 50, 75, and 100-feet length and 5/8 inch in diameter. Hoses come in 1/2, 3/4, or 5/8-inch diameter, but the latter is the most ideal for high water pressure activities. The brass-couplers fit tightly, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. Unlike the typical round hoses, you see in hardware stores, the Craftsman Rubber hoses come in a hexagonal shape that makes it less susceptible to kinking, making it much easier to use.

Nevertheless, some customers claim that their latest purchases of Craftsman garden hoses are not the same high-quality garden hoses manufactured years ago. The garden hoses are only available in black, but it makes it durable under the sun for several hours. Just keep in mind that it leaves a black residue when it’s wet. But don’t fret; you can easily wash it off with soap and water.


This garden hose can withstand a pressure of 500 psi, which makes it the best garden hose one can purchase. The 500 psi is more than what’s required in every household. Because it is made of good quality rubber, this garden hose can withstand extreme weather conditions. It can also hold hot water up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and freezing water up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily drag around this garden hose in any corner of your yard without frustration despite its weight. Since it is made of rubber, the hose is slightly heavier than its competitors. Nonetheless, it does not affect its maneuverability. It does not easily kink, so it guarantees a relaxing and stress-free gardening experience.

Moreover, Craftsman Garden hoses do not twist when you move from one point to another.

Where to Buy

Now that you know which garden hose is perfect for you, your next step is to choose where to buy one. If the Craftsman hose appeals to you, you can buy them on Amazon. Craftsman store has its store on Amazon, but you can also buy from Sears Brand or other sellers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, buying a garden hose is easy as long as you know what you need. Craftsman Garden Hoses are durable, flexible, easy to drag around; but they are also quite expensive and slightly heavier than those with the same quality. If the Craftsman hoses are too pricey for you, there are still several brands of garden hoses you can choose from that are cheaper. But for long-lasting and excellent quality, the Craftsman garden hose is a must-try.

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