Yardworks Soaker Hose Reviews 2024

Yardworks Rubber Soaker Garden Hose Review:
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Quick Summary:

Made from recycled rubber, the hose is easy to use; delivers satisfactory performance overall.

A garden hose is essential to your gardening tasks. However, not all garden hoses are suitable for all tasks. For instance, if you need to deliver water directly to the plants’ roots evenly and avoid wasting water, then you would need a special kind of hose such as a soaker hose.

A soaker hose slowly weeps water along its length. Typically, it is placed strategically in the vegetable or flower garden in a way that it can directly provide water to the roots. A soaker hose is typically covered with 1 or 2 inches of moss to prevent evaporation.

The Yardworks Soaker Hose is one such hose. Read on to learn more about the product, its specs, features, and how it can help in your gardening tasks.

Introduction to Yardworks Soaker Hose

Yardworks Soaker Hose

Made from durable rubber, the Yardworks Soaker hose provides your plants with slow and even soaking, whether above or under the ground. The hose comes with couplings made of plastic that you can easily hook to another soaker hose if you need more length.

The soaker hose can save you as much as 70% water compared to using a traditional sprinkler. Proudly made in the USA from recycled rubber, it comes with a limited 3-year warranty.


  • Saves water.
  • Ideal for flower loans and plant beds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Saves time compared to watering by hand.
  • Made in the USA, and backed by a 3-year warranty.


  • Limited coverage.
  • Low output.
  • Short lifespan.


Soaker hoses are prone to punctures. Fix ruptures using a hose or electrical tape to prevent further damage, and save the cost of buying a new hose.

Dimensions and Specs



Yardworks Soaker Hose



Length (Feet)

50 feet

Inside Diameter (inch)

5/8 inch


Rubber, Plastic


4.63 lb.

Burst Strength (psi)


Flow Rate

30 gph

Models / SKU



Limited 3-Year Warranty

Features and Benefits

Yardworks Soaker Hose Features and Benefits

The following are the main features of the Yardworks Rubber Soaker Garden Hose:

  • 65% Recycled Rubber – By using recycled rubber, energy is saved, considering the amount of energy used in producing new rubber. It also reduces environmental pollution, and saves space in landfills.
  • Even Soaking – The Yardworks garden hose provides even soaking both below and under the ground.
  • Easy to Use Connectors – If you need a longer hose, you can easily connect the Yardworks hose to another soaker hose to achieve the necessary length using the plastic couplings that come with the hose.
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty – Soaker hoses typically have a shorter lifespan compared to regular hoses. The fact that the product comes with a 3-year warranty is proof that the manufacturer is confident about the quality of their products.
  • Water Saver – The hose is innovatively designed to consume as much as 70% less water compared to conventional sprinklers.

Tips for Using the Yardworks Soaker Hose

Tips for Using the Yardworks Soaker Hose

Here are some tips that can help prolong the life of your Yardworks Soaker Hose:

  • Unroll your Yardworks soaker hose and exposeit to sunlight. – Sun exposure can help make the rubber hose more flexible and easier to use.
  • Use in astraight position as much as possible. – This will help avoid bends and crimps that can lead to holes and cracks in the future.
  • Flush the hose often. – Flushing the hose at least once a month can help get rid of sediments and unwanted materials inside the hose. Just detach the end caps and allow water to flow for 10 to 15 minutes before putting the caps back on.
  • Fix pinholes immediately. – Fix small punctures as soon as you notice them to avoid bigger problems in the future.
  • Repair bigger damages. – You can fix bigger hose punctures and damages by cutting off the affected part and connecting the hose back using a hose repair kit.

Yardworks Soaker Hose Customer Reviews

You can find many reviews about the product online, most of which are positive. Many users find the product able to meet their needs. They say it is great for their vegetable and flower gardens.

However, some unsatisfied users say that the hose doesn’t have enough flexibility to maneuver around veggies and flowers. They say the coverage is very limited.

Following are screenshots of some reviews from actual users:

Yardworks Soaker Hose Customer Reviews


Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

Made from 70% heavy-duty recycled rubber, the Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose is designed to last. The proof is the 7-year warranty the product comes with.


  • Durable for a soaker hose.
  • Easy to connect to another soaker hose for added length.
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • Connectors tend to break easily.

Swan Products Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose 50’

Combining the features of sprinkler and soaker hoses, The Swan Products Element Sprinkler Soaker 50’ is ideal for watering vegetable gardens, lawns, flowerbeds, and narrow areas.


  • Flexible and durable.
  • Long warranty period.
  • Easy to coil for storage.


  • Not for heavy duty use.

One Stop Gardens Soaker Hose

Made of heavy-duty woven nylon, the One Stop Gardens Soaker hose is designed to last. It lies flat and delivers water consistently for optimum irrigation.


  • Durable nylon material.
  • Directly soaks roots without damaging the pants.
  • Easy to use.


  • Poor customer service, although the product is of good quality.

Final Verdict

A soaker hose is designed to deliver water efficiently – directly to the plants’ roots – both below and over the ground. This allows you to save time, water, and effort. The Yardworks Rubber Soaker Hose is designed to provide just that, nothing fancy, but just the minimum satisfactory performance you’d expect from a soaker hose.

For more information about the Yardworks soaker hose, check out the product here. Please leave your feedback below.

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