Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews and Prices 2024

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Flexzilla Garden Hose Review
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Performance


A top-notch garden hose made from high-quality material that assures the best results whenever in use.

An Overview: Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla is one of the leading manufacturers of top-notch garden hoses in the industry. The brand has already won over many customers for its high-quality garden hoses that revolutionize the way we keep our lawns and gardens hydrated.

The Flexzilla garden hoses are specially designed to solve the most common problems people face when watering their lawns and gardens. The company makes sure to deliver products that can meet the customers’ expectations and personal needs without spending too much.

Flexzilla’s Garden Hose Features

Flexzilla Garden Hose Features

The well-loved garden hoses from Flexzilla are best known for the following features:


Watering the garden, lawns, front or back yard comes with obstacles like trees, walls, rocks, bushes, and many others. It is surely difficult to think of ways to go around these things without sacrificing the condition of your hose, of the garden, and the obstacle itself.

Flexzilla specially designed their garden hoses to overcome this gardener’s struggle. It boasts of its flexible hybrid polymer that enables the garden hose to maneuver around hurdles with remarkable ease and convenience. The best part is that the shape, performance, and overall quality of the garden hose do not suffer for it.

Flexzilla garden hoses are also designed to withstand diverse weather conditions. According to trusted reviews, the Flexzilla garden hose can maintain its flexibility even under 40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike many brands that often end up stiff and unusable.

Kinkless Under Pressure

It’s impossible to have a 100% kink-resistant hose. But most of the customers are convinced that Flexzilla garden hoses are the most effective solution to the annoying kinks during watering.

A kink happens when the garden hose was not straightened correctly during storage. This soon becomes a headache when the water flow gets blocked in one of the kinks.

Flexzilla makes sure to reduce or even eliminate this problem by utilizing a hybrid polymer that flattens out when applied with pressure. This feature reduces the time and hassle you spend in un-kinking your garden hose.

Zero Memory

Flexzilla garden hose boasts of its zero-memory feature that promises hassle-free coiling. By zero-memory, manufacturers only mean that the garden hose does not retain the shape of the previous coil. For this reason, Flexzilla becomes easier to store and carry around.

This feature also prevents the twisting of sprinklers when in use, which most of the time is annoying and bothersome.


The user-friendly weight of the garden hose enables you to maneuver around your garden, lawns, and yards without too much resistance.

You will no longer have to worry about transport and storage because you can carry the garden hose on your shoulders with minimal effort.


Every garden hose made by Flexzilla promises long years of service. The outer surface of the hose made of high- quality polymer prevents abrasions and cuts while the inner aluminum linings resist crushing and complete meltdown, in case exposed to heat.

Flexzilla garden hose can hold a maximum of 150 psi of water pressure without bursting. Its tensile strength can also accommodate around 25,000 pounds, which further proves its ability to withstand great force without breaking.


One thing people hate is water leaking from any hose or faucet. It’s wasteful and annoying all at the same time.

To prevent this problem from ever occurring, Flexzilla equipped their garden hoses with “O-rings” that secure the connection of the hose and the spigot, therefore ensuring a smooth and undisturbed flow of water along with the hose.

Safe to Drink

This is probably the most important feature of Flexzilla garden hoses. Water flowing from Flexzilla garden hoses are 100% guaranteed safe to drink. The inner tube from where the water flows does not affect water quality. It does not contain any chemical that causes adverse effects on humans and animals.

Pros vs. Cons

A smart buyer always weighs options based on reliable information about the product. To further make sure that you don’t end up regretting making the purchase, here’s a short but very reliable advantages and disadvantages of Flexzilla Garden hose.


  • Multipurpose – You can use it for both household and commercial purposes.

  • Durable – It can last for a minimum of 3-7 years as long as it’s well taken care of.

  • Weather-resistant – It can withstand diverse weather conditions.

  • Convenient – The user-friendly features of Flexzilla makes it very easy to use, transport, and store.

  • Kink – resistant – Flexzilla garden hoses experience minimal to almost no kinks during use and storage.

  • High-performing – The garden hose delivers the right flow of water without incidents of leakage and bursting.


  • Molds – Several cases of undesired growth of mold are reported by customers. This generally affects the appearance and water quality flowing through the hose.

  • Price – Although the prices of Flexzilla garden hoses are at par with its competitors, it may still seem too expensive for many.


This guide strongly believes that quality and performance must never be compromised for its price. A bad product is just as good as wasting money. If pros outweigh the cons, then it is worth risking.

Models and Specifications

The table below lists some of the best-selling Flexzilla garden hoses and their respective specs.


Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla SwivelGrip Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Lead- in Hose

Flexzilla Colors Garden Hose






Brown Mulch/ Red Clay

Hose Length:

3 ft – 100 ft

3 ft – 100 ft

3 ft. – 10 ft.

50 ft

Hose Inner Diameter:

5/8 inches

5/8 in.

5/8 in.

5/8 in.


3/4 in.-11 ½ GHT

3/4 in.-11 ½ GHT

3/4 in.-11 ½ GHT

3/4 in.-11 ½ GHT

Hose Material:

Flexible, High-quality Hybrid Polymer

Flexible, High-quality Hybrid Polymer

Flexible, High-quality Hybrid Polymer

Flexible, High-quality Hybrid Polymer


8 lbs.

8 lbs

0.8 lbs

8 lbs.

What is the right length for you?

Flexzilla Garden Hose Length

Flexzilla offers garden hoses in a wide range of dimensions, lengths, and fittings to suit each of your needs and personal preferences.

25 feet long garden hoses are recommended for short distance uses like the front porch, small garden, balconies, and decks. This is perfect for your usual household use. It is also much easier to carry and maneuver around due to lighter weight. Obviously, its cost is also cheaper and more affordable.

Flexzilla garden hoses are also available in longer lengths – 50 ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft. Long garden hoses are often made for industrial and commercial purposes. These are heavy-duty hoses that can carry water efficiently from long distances. It is best recommended for customers with spacious gardens/yards, large greenhouses, car wash, and cleaning businesses.

The additional length of the hose translates to additional costs. A longer garden hose may come too costly for some customers, but it never goes beyond 150 USD. Also, if you are planning to purchase one, make sure that the water pressure in your area is reliable because if not, water may flow very slowly and weakly through the long garden hose. The length of the hose and water flow is kind of inversely proportional.

Here are some tips to help you select the garden hose that best suits the intended use.

  1. Flexzilla Garden Hose, 25 ft.

Recommended for:

  • Decks
  • Balcony
  • Small yard
  • Front porch
  • Patios
  1. Flexzilla Garden Hose, 50 ft.

Recommended for:

  • Urban yard
  • Farther corners and spaces
  1. Flexzilla Garden Hose, 75 ft.

Recommended for:

  • Commercial use
  • Very large yards, garden or lawns
  1. Flexzilla Garden Hose, 100 ft.

Recommended for:

  • Commercial use
  • Very large yards, garden or lawns

Just a piece of an advice: If your space requires a long garden hose (more than 50 ft), you may want to buy two 50 ft. units and just join them whenever required.

This is because longer hoses tend to become costlier, heavier, and less effective. The water flows slowly in longer hoses due to reduced pressure. It also difficult to transport and store due to its sheer weight and volume.

Prices of Flexzilla Garden Hoses

As a customer, we value the price tag just as much the quality. Here’s the latest prices of best-selling Flexzilla garden hose models in Amazon.



Length (feet) & Inner Diameter (inch)



Flexzilla Garden Hose

25 ft, 5/8 inches



75 ft, 5/8 inches



Flexzilla Lead-In Hose

10 ft, 5/8 inches



Flexzilla SwivelGrip Garden Hose

50 ft, 5/8 inches



25 ft, 5/8 inches



100 ft, 5/8 inches



Flexzilla SwivelGrip Garden Hose, Brown Mulch

50 ft, 5/8 inches



How to get the Best Flexzilla Garden Hose Prices?

I suggest that you wait for big discounts! Keep posted on Amazon updates or any distributor of Flexzilla garden hose. You can also visit the stores personally and try to get a good deal. These are some of the shops that distribute Flexzilla products:

  • Walmart
  • Ace Hardware
  • Home Depot
  • Menards
  • eBay

Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews

Flexzilla Garden Hose Reviews

Flexzilla garden hose received positive feedbacks from customers. People commend its flexibility, durability, and easy-to-coil features. The convenience that comes with the product continues to invite greater interest in people.

However, customers are quick to notice the garden hose’s problem with molds. Many customers have experienced uncontrollable growth of molds on the outer and even inner surface of the product.

Other customers argue that this problem may arise from poor handling of the hose. Flexzilla has still yet to release an official guideline on how to deal with this problem.

Buying a garden hose is practically an investment decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. This is why we recommend that you read through our extensive review of the Flexzilla Garden Hose below that will enlighten you of every aspect that you need to consider from the cost to durability.

Cost: 4.0/5.0

The prices of Flexzilla garden hoses are on par with its competitors. It lies within 11 – 75 USD, depending on length and accessories. The prices are just right which means you really don’t have to break the bank to buy yourself a good-quality garden hose.

Verified customers raise no concern regarding the price. Most of them also find Flexzilla garden hoses worth the cost.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5.0

True to the brand’s promise, many customers agree that Flexzilla garden hoses are very user-friendly and convenient to use. According to them, the pliable and kink-resistant material of the hose allows them to move around difficult corners and spaces without that much of a resistance. It is even better because even with obstacles, water remains flowing.

The light weightiness of the garden hose also becomes a major hit among customers. Positive feedbacks were mostly about how easy it was for them to carry and drag the garden hose around.

Features: 4.0/5.0

Flexzilla garden hoses received many positive feedbacks for its kink-free and easy-to-coil features. According to verified Flexzilla hose owners, they only experienced kinks occasionally and not as frequent compared with their previous brands. They also find the material of the hose very easy to coil and uncoil, which further makes watering and storage a lot more convenient and hassle-free.

Many people also took note of how flexible the garden hose is as it can survive both in humid and cold places without a notable decline in its quality and performance.

The only concern raised by many customers Is the prevalence of mold growth on the surface of the garden hose. This problem appears black in color and a little slimy and gross in texture. Although there should be no major effect on the water flow, the unwanted growth of the mold may decrease the quality of water and hose in the long run. The problem also requires additional time, effort, and cost in mold prevention, treatment, and maintenance.

Durability: 4.5/5.0

Aside from the mold problem, many customers can testify that their Flexzilla garden hose can provide a longer time of service compared to other brands. At a minimum, without any major accidents and issues, Flexzilla garden hoses can last up to 3-10 years long.

Where to buy

There are many stores that market Flexzilla garden hoses. You can opt to browse online platforms like Amazon to check for several models available. While you can also choose to visit physical stores to personally see the quality of the product before buying, please see the list of stores you can visit below:

  • Walmart
  • Ace Hardware
  • Home Depot
  • Menards
  • eBay
  • Amazon

Final Thoughts

Keeping your yards, gardens, and lawns well hydrated is a must. That is why selecting a good garden hose is just as important. In this article, we have reviewed the features and possible issues you may encounter with Flexzilla garden hoses.

The product takes pride in its neon green color, flexibility, and durability. The garden hose also features innovative designs that help solve a gardener’s usual struggles like kinks, leaks, weight, and bursting.

Flexzilla guarantees the customer that every garden hose sold is worth the cost.

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