How to Siphon Water with a Hose?

How to Siphon Water with a Hose

Siphoning water with a hose is a great idea to transfer small to large amounts of water from one point to another. It is a method that works effectively for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Through the aid of gravity and pressure, you can empty a bucket, a tank, and even a pool. If the … Read more

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Soaker Hose vs. Sprinkler Hose: Which is Best for Your Garden?

Soaker Hose vs. Sprinkler Hose

Your plants need efficient watering to grow. Hence, it is essential to have a good irrigation system in your garden without running around the garden and watering the plants yourself. But there are various ways to water your plants – two of which, and the most common are soaker hose and sprinkler hose. Choosing which … Read more

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Hose Bib vs. Spigot: What Is The Difference?


There are many different names and types of outdoor faucets, but they all serve the same purpose. Bring the water from the mains faucet outside using a piped water line. Hose bib and spigot are faucets that we usually use in our home, specifically in our yard. But do they have a difference? Let us … Read more

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How to Clean a Dryer Vent Hose?

How to Clean a Dryer Vent Hose?

How do you clean a dryer vent hose, and how frequently should you do it? Clean your dryer vent thrice a year to make sure that it does not cause any fire hazard over time. Our experienced home appliance maintenance team can perform the job for you safely and quickly. This post:Shows you how to clean a … Read more

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How to Clean a Vacuum Hose? – Vacuum Hose Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to Clean a Vacuum Hose?

Vacuum hoses, also commonly called lines or tubes, are flexible rubber connections that route a vacuum to different accessories and components. Because a vacuum may be used for powering different things, lots of hoses can be contained in a vehicle. Quick Navigation How Often Should I Clean the Vacuum Hose?Signs Your Vacuum Hose Is CloggedHow … Read more

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How to Drain a Pool With a Garden Hose?

How To Drain A Pool With A Garden Hose?

Having a pool can be really expensive, especially because you need to spend more than a hundred dollars to maintain it. If you haven’t done any research about building a pool inside your home, you probably won’t also know all the costs along with it. What’s more, having a professional to do it for you … Read more

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Rain Barrel Soaker Hose: What Is and How Does It Work?

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose: What Is and How Does It Work?

The rain barrel soaker hose is a hose that is specially devised for rain barrels and gravity-fed water systems. It is not the typical hose that you know where water just flows but it is one that cleverly absorbs water. Rain barrel soaker hoses are used mainly to water trees, shrubs, gardens, and gravity-irrigation systems as … Read more

Melnor Soaker Hose Review 2022

Melnor Soaker Hose

Using a soaker hose is one efficient way of ensuring your plants are equally and well hydrated. Soaker hoses also conserve water by delivering it directly to the roots while keeping the leaves dry. This also minimizes the chances of fungal growth on your plants. This Melnor soaker hose review will look into one of the … Read more

Apex Soaker Hose Review 2022

Apex Soaker Hose

You want a lush and green garden in your front or backyard. But the problem is, you don’t have the expertise to set up an elaborate irrigation system. No worries. A soaker hose is an excellent way of maintaining your flower and vegetable garden without complicated installation. This Apex Soaker Hose review will tell you everything … Read more

Water Right Soaker Hose Review 2022

Water Right Soaker Hose

“It’s non-toxic, includes lead free fittings, doesn’t crack over time, has a phenomenal bend radius, does not leave your hands black like many other soakers, and is covered in a soft microcellular polyurethane foam for optimum weeping properties.”-Water Right Inc. I’m fairly new to gardening. I only started when I moved to a new house … Read more