Bernini Metal Garden Hose Reviews 2022: No-kink

Bernini Hose Reviews

 Are you one of those people who, like me, are tired of the traditional green garden hoses that get all twisty and kinked up that water won’t pass through, thus creating those unnecessary leaks? Worry no more as after scouring Google for different brands, I’ve come across the Bernini No Kink Metal Garden Hose. Quick … Read more

Gorilla Hose Review 2022

Gorilla Hose Review

Hoses are a standard part of pretty much any modern home. We use it to wash our lawns, cars, or even our pets. However, most garden variety hoses break so easily. There’s no way you can use it for your new pool unless you fancy changing hoses every other month. You’ll be needing something specialized … Read more

NeverKink Hose Review 2022

NeverKink Hose Review

Looking for an honest NeverKink Hose review? When buying a hose for your home, you want something that doesn’t make you do additional work than necessary. I always find it frustrating whenever the water slows down to a trickle because the hose line is bent in place, cutting off the water flow. This problem could … Read more

XHose Pro Reviews 2022

XHose Pro Review

Because of the pandemic, people are forced to stay indoors, develop hobbies and crafts to keep themselves occupied, and many turned to the garden because it’s such a stress reliever. Maintaining a perfect garden, however, is hard work. My mom has a wide front yard and she recently filled them with all sorts of flowers. … Read more

Flexi Hose Review 2022

Flexi Hose Review

We purchased a house that already has a lovely back garden with the grass almost drying up. I have mild scoliosis, so I always have to ask my husband to help me carry our heavy hose around every time I drench the entire lot. The Flexi Hose is amazingly lightweight that now, I can water … Read more

Hercules Metal Garden Hose Reviews 2022

Hercules Hose

Are you tired of lugging around heavy hoses? We’ve tried the Hercules Hose. It will leave you wondering why you didn’t get one sooner. Our team finds it lightweight, portable, and durable against the harshest elements outside the shed. Here’s what you need to know about Hercules Hose before buying it. Quick Navigation Things to … Read more

Rapid Flo Garden Hose Reviews 2022

Rapid Flo Hose

Buying a garden hose should be a simple task – but, it’s not. Many garden hose brands exist, and they vary greatly in price, style, and design. There are different types of hose systems available on the market today. Our review of the Rapid Flo Hose will guide you through purchasing the item. Quick Navigation … Read more

Gilmour Flexogen Garden Hose Reviews & Prices 2022

Gilmour Hose

Note: Before you get into the brand review, it is strongly suggested that you read this detailed Garden Hose Buying Guide to know about the important steps that you need to take before you even think about the brand. Quick Summary:This Gilmour Hose is great for both personal and professional use. With its rugged outer coverings, … Read more