How to Roll Up a Garden Hose on a Hose Reel?

how to roll up a hose on a reel

Simply coiling up your hose and leaving it outdoors, exposed to the elements, can shorten the life of your hose. Instead, you should keep your hose neatly rolled on a reel. This way, you can protect the hose from mud, dirt, and stains. Using the right type of hose reel can also make the task … Read more

Yardworks Soaker Hose Reviews 2024

Yardworks Soaker Hose Review

 A garden hose is essential to your gardening tasks. However, not all garden hoses are suitable for all tasks. For instance, if you need to deliver water directly to the plants’ roots evenly and avoid wasting water, then you would need a special kind of hose such as a soaker hose. A soaker hose slowly weeps water … Read more

FITT Force Pro Garden Hose Reviews 2024

FITT Force Pro Hose Reviews

 When choosing a garden hose, the cheapest is not always the best choice. A cheap price is usually an indication of poor quality, though it is not always the case. When you buy the cheapest garden hose on the market, you may actually spend more in the long run, especially when the cheap hose starts … Read more

zero-G Pro Garden Hose Reviews 2024

zero-G Pro Hose Reviews

 When choosing a garden hose, some people simply go for the cheapest unit or the first one they see – only to regret the decision a few weeks later when leaks, kinks, loose connections, and other problems start to come out. Thus, buying the right garden hose is important, as this will provide the most … Read more

15 Best Hose Reels Reviews 2024: Boxes, Carts, Holder Hangers, Pots, Wall-mounted, and Hideaways Hose Reels to Suit a Variety of Needs

Best Hose Reels Reviews

The Complete Hose Reel Guide and Watering Solution for Every Type of Yard Backyard, Garden, and Outdoor Areas …A hose reel offers suitable storage for your garden hose. It helps prevent accidents caused by falls or tripping while using the hose. Hose reels are available in different types that will suit any backyard size. To help … Read more

How To Use a Hose Reel?

how to use a hose reel

A garden hose doesn’t come cheap, and like other things of value, you need to protect it. A hose reel can help you protect your hose, and keep your investment in good condition. A hose reel can also help store the hose properly, and prevent tangling and kinking. By using a reel, your garden hose is coiled … Read more