Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose Review 2022

Miracle Gro Soaker Hose

I’ve been a long-term user of soaker hoses for my garden needs. It’s more efficient than using garden hoses or sprinklers. It was all good before my recent soaker hose gave up on me. I checked online to purchase it again, but it’s no longer available. I had to find another brand that’ll work for my … Read more

(Mr.) Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Review 2022

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose

Gardeners and plant enthusiasts demand a product that offers convenience and maximum coverage for an efficient watering system. That’s why soaker hoses are appealing to their taste since not only are they water savers, they are more practical as well for your garden care if time is not always at your side. Quick Navigation Introduction … Read more

Mr. (Bulk) Soaker Hose Review 2022

Mr. / Bulk Soaker Hose

Keeping a yard or garden can be a fun and therapeutic activity. If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time with your plants and flowers too. However, when the heat of the summer season comes in, it can be difficult to keep your yard or garden green. Fortunately, there are soaker … Read more

Flexon Soaker Hose Review 2022

Flexon Soaker Hose

General Soaker Hose Pros:1. Cheaper than irrigation system and sprinklers.2. Consistent and efficient watering.3. Less water evaporative waste.4. Directly waters the base of the plants. When you ask me what I use to water my plants, I’d answer garden hose right away. It’s what we all use right? Well, that’s what I thought until a friend … Read more

Element Soaker Hose Review 2022

Element Soaker Hose

Garden Hose vs. Soaker Hose:A garden hose can be used as a multi-purpose watering tool while a soaker hose trickles water along its length to directly water the plant’s roots and soil. When you ask my friends about any advice on garden tools, I bet they’ll refer you to me. I’m obsessed with keeping my yard … Read more

Gilmour Soaker Hose Reviews 2022

Gilmour Soaker Hose Review

One of my biggest challenges in the garden is to keep my plots moist during the hot summer months. Watering my vegetables everyday using a regular rubber hose was a constant struggle. I tried a sprinkling system, but because my garden isn’t that big, it wasted a lot of water going to the sidewalks and … Read more

Flat Soaker Hose vs. Round: Which Is Better?

Flat Soaker Hose vs Round

The dry season is fast approaching, it’s time to think about getting water for your thirsty plants! There are many options for irrigating your lawn, but getting a soaker hose would definitely be worth the money. After all, they’re inexpensive and easy to install. While both flat and round soaker hoses generally share the same purpose, each … Read more

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Soaker Hose: What Is a Soaker Hose and How Does It Work?

Soaker Hose

Note:Before you buy a soaker hose, you should choose if you want the flat or round one.A flat soaker hose is useful for long and straight rows.A round soaker hose is more versatile. You can use it either around tricky places or a straight line. Being a gardener as a hobby is steadily gaining in popularity … Read more